We currently stock several models of Hot Water Heaters in several sizes. Why go to Home Depot or Lowes when you could save money by buying local. We do our best to have some of the lowest priced hot water tanks in the Western New York area. Call around and you will see that our prices beat all others in the Buffalo Area.

We stock the following 4 tanks…

Features and Benefits

  • Intelligent Control: electronic gas valve is microprocessor controlled for more precise sensing and operation, resulting in improved efficiency and optimal performance.
  • Self-Powered: electronic gas valve employs thermopile to provide electricity for operations and diagnostic display; no external power supply is needed.
  • Self-Diagnostics: electronic gas control monitors operational condition and reports status through LED indicator.
  • Integrated Piezo (push button) Pilot Igniter: with LED to indicate when the pilot sequence is complete, means easier installation and startup.
  • Built-In Safety Features: automatically shut down the water heater if air supply becomes restricted or overheating threshold is reached.
  • Top-Mounted, Heavy-Duty Anode: protects tank against corrosion, maximizes tank life.
  • The Flame Lock® Safety System: reduces the risk of accidental fires involving flammable vapors from products such as gasoline, paint thinner, and solvents.
  • 3/4” Top Water Connections, 1/2” Gas Connection

    40 Gallon short

    6 year limited tank and parts warranty

    • Model number-BFG1F4040S3Nov
    • Input-40,000 BTU
    • Gallons per hour recovery 90F rise-40.5
    • Energy factor.59
    • Height roughly 52-1/4″
    • Annual cost of operation-$309


    40 Gallon tallgasProd

    6 year limited tank and parts warranty

    • Model-BFG1F4034T3Nov
    • Input-40,000
    • Gallons per hour recovery 90F rise-34.5
    • Energy factor-.59
    • Height roughly-60-3/4″
    • Annual cost of operation-$309


    50 Gallon Tall

    6 Year Warranty

  • BFG1F5040T3NOV
  • 40,000 BTU’s
  • Weight – 151 lbs.
  • Height – 57 1/2″

Out of stock

  • We offer some the the best water heater prices in the 14223, 14226, 14225, 14211, 14208, 14222, 14214, 14216, 14217, 14215 zip codes.

    Another added benefit in buying from us is that we have the experience you help trouble shoot your tank if a problem arises.  We also stock the controls and parts for the tanks.

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