Product Description
GAP Fiberglass Mineral Surface Rolls (#90 MSR rolls) are manufactured from fiberglass
mat and is coated on both sides of the fiberglass mat with weathering grade asphalt
coating and is covered on the top with ceramic mineral slate surface granules. These rolls
are available in nine different colors.
Colors: White, Black, Brown, Green, Red, Cedar, Emerald Green, Weathered Wood and
Dark Oak Blend.
Product Use:
GAP Fiberglass #90 Mineral Surfaced Roll is a general purpose economical choice roll
roofing product that can be used with cold adhesives or hot mopping applications for low
slope roofs. We recommend Cold method application with lap cement or Plastic roof
cement. It is also used as cap sheet in the construction of build-up-roofs. This product is
available in nine colors to match the existing roof colors.
Technical Data:
Width of Roll      36”
Roof coverage per Roll= 100 Square feet with 2” lap







$32.00 for 1 square black or white